Talking About Optometry For Kids

Talking About Optometry For Kids

  • Natural Pain Relief Options For Eye Strain Headaches

    Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis? If you often feel aching pain in behind your eyes, you could be suffering from headaches due to eyestrain. Eyestrain happens when you essentially overuse your eyes on any given day, particularly if you are looking at a screen for long periods of time. These headaches are often relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. If you are not one for taking medication, there are some alternatives you can try:

  • Teaching Your Child To Take Good Care Of Their Glasses

    When your child gets glasses, you're bound to find yourself reminding them to put their glasses on, not to sit on them, and to store them properly in their case. Adapting to wearing glasses is not easy, especially for a youngster, and there are some things you'll want to do to help teach your child to take good care of their new spectacles. Here's a look. Develop a glasses care routine.

  • 3 Eyewear Trends You'll Want To Keep In Sight

    Eyeglasses are as much an accessory as jewelry or a hat. Put the focus on your eyes with a trendy pair of glasses that will keep you in fashion.  Shapes Today's eyewear fashions rely on fabulous shapes to compliment your face and make a strong statement.  Round lenses combine your inner artist and intellectual. Try them in a wire frame.  The cat's eye shape is a retro style that is back in fashion.

  • Glasses Sliding Down Your Nose? Try These Fixes

    Are you tired of having your glasses slide down your face whenever you look towards the ground? Having to constantly push them back up can be frustrating. Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to fix this problem without having to purchase new glasses. Apply wax to the inside of your nose pieces. There are products made specifically for preventing your glasses from sliding down your face. They come in tubes similar to those used for chapstick.

  • Are Your Itchy, Uncomfortable Eyes Caused By Your Contact Lens Solution?

    If you have been experiencing dry, itchy, or painful eyes while wearing your contact lenses, your first instinct might be to blame the lenses themselves. But while this is a reasonable conclusion to draw, you may be ignoring the real culprit. Not all contact lens solutions are made from the same formula, and lower quality products may contain ingredients that can irritate your eyes or even provoke an allergic response. Understanding how your contact solution interacts with your eyes could provide an easy answer to your discomfort and help you find the right brand for you.

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    Talking About Optometry For Kids

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